Judicial Directory

Welcome to TYLA's on-line judicial directory. We are hopeful that this directory becomes an important tool in your practice. The directory provides important and helpful information from each court including contact information, personal history, court preferences and other advice and tips. It presently includes information on state and the appellate courts. Judges are continuing to add information on their respective courts. It is by no means complete and will continue to become more robust over the next few months.

Additionally, we invite your comments, thoughts, etc. on how this tool might work better or errors or problems that you experienced in viewing the data. Please email us at TYLA@texasbar.com at your earliest convenience. The judicial directory is a project of the Texas Young Lawyers Association and is provided free-of-charge to the members of the State Bar of Texas.

For additional information on the Texas judiciary, we recommend the following link to Texas Judiciary OnLine - http://www.courts.state.tx.us/.

Kids In the Crossfire

"Kids in the Crossfire" is a short video designed to  emphasize the impact of parents' behavior during divorce.  Through dramatizations and interviews with children, parents, judges, and counselors who have been impacted by divorce or work in the family law field, the video gives parents a road map of behaviors to avoid and suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children.

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