Family Law

We hope you find the publications listed below to be helpful resources on legal issues. TYLA publications, however, should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you have any questions about the information provided or need advice on a specific matter, please consult an attorney.

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Juvenile Justice System: What You Need to Know
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Court Visitor Guide  
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  • Peace of Mind:  A Guide to Supporting Special Kids with Special Needs  
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    • Healing the WoundsNavigating the Legal System after Surviving Domestic Violence
      This video is intended to help domestic violence survivors learn what to expect when using the court system to obtain a protective order, a temporary restraining order, or a divorce.  Available in both English and Spanish, Healing the Wounds tells the story of "Melinda" as a way of demonstrating what types of assistance the legal system can offer victims of domestic violence.

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    • Loves Me, Loves Me NotTeen Dating Violence
      This pamphlet discusses teen dating violence.  The brochure first identifies what teen dating violence is and what it is not.  Loves Me, Loves Me Not also describes the different types of abuse that are considered dating violence, including physical abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and threats, isolation, or harassment.  

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    • Special Education Laws and the School Environment: A Guide to Understanding Your Rights as a Parent
      This handbook is meant to be a tool to help you find the resources you need and to understand some key concepts that will make your navigation through the challenging waters of special education a little easier.

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    • Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures
      Committed to Healing provides an introduction to involuntary commitment proceedings in Texas courts, including possible signals of mental health issues, a discussion of involuntary commitment procedures, and a comparison of involuntary commitment and guardianship.

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    • Ending the Violence: How to Obtain a Texas Protective Order
      Protective orders are civil court orders designed to cease acts of violence, threatening, harassing, or stalking by abusers. The Ending the Violence pamphlet discusses the basics on eligibility for a protective order, the procedure for obtaining a protective order, and the manner in which a protective order operates in Texas.

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    • Protecting the Incapacitated: A Guide to Guardianship in Texas from Application to Oath
      Guardianships have always played an important role in family law. Understanding guardianships in Texas law is made easier by this Protecting the Incapacitated pamphlet, which discusses alternatives to guardianship, the guardianship process, and other issues related to instituting a guardianship proceeding.

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    • Pro Se Divorce Handbook
      This informative handbook provides information for those representing themselves in a simple (uncontested) divorce, along with discussions about division of marital property and issues concerning children. This handbook also provides tips on court etiquette and deadlines. If you would like to order copies please click here.

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      • What to Expect in Texas Family Law Court
        Navigating your way through a family law case can be confusing during what is often a stressful and emotional time in your life. Not knowing what to expect can make it even harder. This handout is intended to help you understand what you can expect when you have a case in Texas family law court.

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      • Kids in the Crossfire
        Helping Parents Understand the Impact of Divorce. "Kids in the Crossfire" is a short video designed to emphasize the impact of parents' behavior during divorce. Please visit the website by clicking here.

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