TYLA Officers


Kristy Blanchard, President


Cameron J. Cox, Chair


Victor Villarreal, Vice President


Priscilla D. Camacho, Secretary


C. Barrett Thomas, Treasurer


Rebekah Steely Brooker, President-elect


Dustin M. Howell, Chair-elect


C.E. Rhodes, Immediate Past President

TYLA Directors


Amanda A. Abraham, District 1


Sharesa Y. Alexander, Minority At-Large Director


Alex Bell, District 9


Kathryn E. Boatman, District 6, Place 6

    Aaron J. Burke, District 5, Place 1
    Priscilla D. Camacho, District 18, Place 1

Aaron T. Capps, District 5, Place 2


Patrice B. Childress, District 6, Place 4


D. Lance Currie, District 5, Place 3


Laura W. Docker, District 10, Place 1

    Andrew Dornburg, District 21
    Lacy L. Durham, Minority At-Large Director
    Zeke Fortenberry, District 4

Bill Gardner, District 5, Place 4


Morgan L. Gaskin, District 6, Place 5


Soraya Yanar Hanshew, Minority At-Large Director


Sam Houston, District 18, Place 2


Amber L. James, District 17


Leif Olson, District 6, Place 2


Laura Pratt, District 3

    Sally Pretorius, District 8, Place 2

Danny Razo, District 14


Baili B. Rhodes, District 2


Alex B. Roberts, District 6, Place 3

    Eduardo Romero, District 19

John W. Shaw, District 10, Place 2

    L. Brook Stuntebeck, District 11

C. Barrett Thomas, District 15

    Amanda N. Torres, Minority At-Large Director

Brandy Wingate Voss, District 13


Shannon Steel White, District 12


Jacquelyn Wilson, District 8, Place 1


Baylor Wortham, District 7

    Alex Yarbrough, District 16


Justice Paul W. Green, Supreme Court Liaison


Clint Harbour, Access To Justice Liaison


Anita Barksdale, ABA YLD District 25 Representative


Travis Patterson, ABA/YLD District 26 Representative


Dean Darby Dickerson, Law School Liaison


Cory A. Clements, Law Student Liaison


TYLA Office

Tracy Brown, Director of Administration
Bree Trevino, Project Coordinator

Michelle Palacios, Office Manager
General Questions: tyla@texasbar.com

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 12487, Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711-2487
(800) 204-2222 ext. 1529
FAX: (512) 427-4117

Street Address

1414 Colorado, 4th Floor
Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 427-1529


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Important Dates to Remember

Important Dates to Remember

October 14-17
ABA/YLD Fall Conference - Santa Fe, NM

October 15
TYLA deadline to receive TYLA Minority Scholarship applications

October 25
TYLA deadline to receive second committee report

November 5
Bar exam results released

November 11
Holiday - Veterans Day (Texas Law Center closed)

November 12-14
TYLA Board of Directors meeting - Adolphus Hotel, Dallas

November 22
New Lawyers' Induction Ceremony - Frank Erwin Center, Austin

November 25-26
Thanksgiving (Texas Law Center closed)