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TYLA Project

TYLA’s Pro Se Litigant Guide
By: Amanda Torres

The Texas Young Lawyers Association is proud to present the Pro Se Litigant Guide. TYLA recognizes that legal appellate work is complicated and costly.  While we strongly advise hiring or consulting with an attorney, we recognize that not all Texans can afford legal representation.  In some instances, it may be possible to have an attorney appointed to represent individuals on appeal, but if an individual chooses to proceed pro se, then the Pro Se Litigant Guide will serve as an invaluable resource. 

Most people who choose pro se representation in an appeal to an appellate court do not realize that they will be held to the same standards as licensed attorneys. This means failure to follow the rules could result in fines, sanctions, or dismissals. TYLA’s goal is to assist in reducing the number of pro se appeals that are ultimately dismissed for failure to follow the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure.  The Guide was accomplished with substantial help from our former TYLA director Shivali Sharma, a staff attorney with the Sixth Court of Appeals, and Sean Galloway, a 2013-2014 intern with the Sixth Court of Appeals. Their hard work will greatly benefit everyone navigating the judicial system.

This valuable tool is free to the public, but due to the large size of the Guide, it is only available online here. TYLA does not offer this guide as legal advice and reminds users not to assume that all the requirements of an appeal are set out in our Guide.  The Guide is only a general overview of appellate procedure and in no way stands in place of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure or legal representation.  Helping all Texans access justice, no matter whether the court is a justice court or an appellate court, is a priority for TYLA’s Law Focused Education Committee.  TYLA sincerely hopes this guide will help all Texans open the doors to appellate courts so that all of our voices can continue to be heard.

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