TMM Spotlight

TMM Spotlight

Ten Minute Mentor Spotlight
By:  Nick Guinn

Since its last eNews feature, TYLA has produced nearly two dozen Ten Minute Mentor videos, covering a number of subject areas. These videos, approximately 10  minutes in duration, guide the practitioner through various aspects of practice.

This month’s video is “Texas Non Judicial Foreclosure of Real Property.”  Filmed by TYLA Director Shannon White, the video offers a general overview of the foreclosure process, as well as practical tips to consider when conducting a foreclosure.  The video identifies multiple events that trigger default, which may lead to a foreclosure proceeding, such as: failure to pay on a promissory note, failure to maintain insurance on a property, and failure to pay property taxes. The video highlights relevant statutes and legal documents to review when conducting a foreclosure. Lastly, the video emphasizes the care that must be given to following notice requirements associated with non-judicial foreclosure sales. You can access the video directly from this newsletter by clicking here.

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