President's Opinion


by Rebekah Steely Brooker
President, Texas Young Lawyers Association


May 1, 2015
What Legends Are Made Of

I often find it comical how movies incorrectly portray the legal system. In a little over a week after a client initially meets with his or her attorney, they are sitting in a courtroom ready for trial. I watched this same scenario play out in 2014’s The Judge. Despite this impressively unrealistic trial timeline, I enjoyed the film.

April 1, 2015
Lawyers Leading the Way

Spend a few minutes watching the news and you’ll hear about threats and divisions not only from outside our borders but also from within. We face mountainous concerns in the areas of financial solvency, racial and socioeconomic tensions, education, crime, and immigration, to name a few. Yet, it is precisely when I hear about the number and gravity of these problems that I become most excited to be a Texas young lawyer.

March 1, 2015
Call Waiting

Growing up in a small town an hour north of Houston, our idea of traffic consisted of three cars at a stoplight. Back then, I remember finding it humorous that my mom would turn down the radio when we entered the outskirts of larger cities. She was always so nervous to encounter real traffic. When questioned,she would say, “I’m confident in my own driving abilities; it’s just everyone else that I’m nervous about!”

February 1, 2015
Finding Your Way

Have you ever wondered how you got to where you are? As I look out my office window, the scenery is vastly different from the pine trees and pastureland I saw daily in my youth. Instead of cattle grazing, I see cars dashing around town. I remember being so overwhelmed when I first moved to Dallas. Growing up in a small town an hour north of Houston, my family rarely traveled to Big D. I got completely lost when I came up for a job interview after graduating from college. I actually referred to the stunning Fountain Place tower on the corner of Ross Avenue and Field Street as the Ewing Oil building (I had watched Dallas religiously every Friday night). Shockingly, I still got the job!

January 1, 2015
Planning Matters

Attorneys are good at taking care of clients. We respond to their demands and requests at all hours. We postpone vacations, miss dinners, and go the extra mile to make sure that they have the best representation. But, in doing so, we tend to put our own needs and personal responsibilities on the back burner.

December 1, 2014
Surviving the Season

I am a sucker for the holiday charm that pops up in almost every store this time of year. I guess the marketing professionals know what they are doing. Twinkling lights, garland, and the constant streaming of music works immediately to put me in the spirit. But, at the risk of sounding like the Grinch, does it seem like those seasonal aisles are appearing a little earlier each year?