President's Opinion


by C. Barrett Thomas
President, Texas Young Lawyers Association


July 1, 2015
Building Business

I recently spoke at a new lawyer CLE in Austin, but it might have been me who learned the most during the course. One question particularly caught my attention. A young lawyer asked, “How do you develop business when you spend all your time with attorneys?” That question was particularly notable to me because I have a new private practice myself. Business development is certainly on my radar and has been since I began my private practice part time in 2010.

June 1, 2015
The Power of Perception

As I write this article, news is breaking that six Baltimore officers are being indicted on charges related to the death of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody. I am reminded of other young black men whose names have been in the news lately—Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, and Michael Brown. While each of these cases is distinctly different, all have a common underlying catalyst that cannot be ignored.

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