TYLA Affiliate Leaders Prepare for Bar Year at Annual Bar Leaders Conference

Leaders from local young lawyer associations throughout Texas met for two days of workshops, meetings, and seminars to exchange ideas and learn important tips for leading a local bar organization. Oh yes ... they had some fun too.

The annual Bar Leaders Conference is specifically designed for local bar presidents and presidents-elect but is equally beneficial to all local bar officers and members who want to help shape their local bar into an active and productive bar association. This year's conference was held July 30-31 in Las Colinas and included: roundtable discussions with other bar leaders to discuss issues common to all local bars; workshops on topics such as developing leadership programs, finding alternative sources of revenue, and delivering CLE to members; and sessions hosted by the State Bar and TYLA on services the state organization can provide to local bar groups.

Attendees also had several networking social activities. Friday night options included a Ranger game or the TYLA Meeting Uncommon Leaders gathering at a local restaurnat. Saturday night everyone was treated to a Casino Party at the hotel.

Featured Affiliate Leader
April Marburger, GCYLA
By Kelly-Ann Clarke

From the first moment I spent time with April Marburger, with her long blonde hair, pristine make-up and shoes I wanted in my closet, I knew that we would get along. Her quick wit, hard work and dedication to anything she is a part of has made her one of my favorite people to work with in the young lawyers and were the pavers on the road that made us friends. As this year’s President of the Galveston County Young Lawyers Association (GCYLA), her ability to get things done no matter what will be a true asset to the organization. (continued)

Featured TYLA Project
Driving Home the Message of Access to Justice
By Betty Torres -

Cars. Most of us have them. Most of us spend quite a bit of time in them, driving to work, home, school, recreational activities. But how many of us utilize our vehicles to promote noteworthy messages? Well, now’s your chance!

For the low price of $30, you can purchase the “And Justice for All” specialty license plate for your car, demonstrating your commitment to equal justice under the law. Proceeds from sale of the plate ($22) go to the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation and benefit civil legal aid in Texas. (continued) (Click here for Application)

Tips for Young Lawyers
Any statements that you provide a hyperlink to...might be used against you in a court of law
By Victor Vital

Each new function the Internet performs requires application of existing legal doctrines to factual scenarios never before considered. One such example is the Internet’s ability to allow independent users to swap files, which continues to broaden the application of the Copyright Act, challenging the Copyright Act’s viability in the new millennium. Along those lines, the Internet—and specifically hypertext linking—raises an interesting issue of apparent first impression under Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(2)(B), the adoptive admission exception to the hearsay rule.

Most Americans know that if they are placed under arrest that their statements may be later used against them in a subsequent criminal proceeding. Many people also probably know that conversations, emails, letters, etc. may later come back to haunt them in civil cases—such as sexual harassment suits and child custody cases. However, many people probably have not considered that one day hypertext web links may allow statements on other websites to be used against them in a later lawsuit. (continued)

Article of Interest
Court Soliciting Comments on Referral Fee Proposal
By Cade Browning -

As is now well documented, the Texas Supreme Court adopted Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 8a, affecting referral fees, on October 9, 2003. Rule 8a was set to go into effect on January 1, 2004. However, at the request of the State Bar Executive Committee, the Court delayed the effective date of Proposed Rule 8a and appointed a special task force on referral fees. The Referral Fee Task Force, chaired by Richard Hile of Austin, was authorized to conduct public hearings and to survey active, in-state Texas attorneys.

The Task Force presented its final report to the State Bar Board of Directors, which on June 23, 2004, passed a unanimous resolution to adopt the Task Force’s report and requested that the Texas Supreme Court, pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 81.024(c), authorize the State Bar to conduct a referendum.

The Texas Supreme Court is soliciting public comment by September 15 on the State Bar of Texas proposal. (continued)


Dr. Bruce Perry will be presenting a three-part series of workshops focusing on maltreated and traumatized children in the legal system. The program, hosted by the University of Houston Law Center, will take place October 23, November 20, and December 11, 2004. Each day includes different topics. (6 hours CLE credit pending) (More Info)

TYLA is launching a new initiative to provide member value for our affiliates and the young lawyers they serve. Essentially, TYLA officers, directors and volunteers will be hitting the road to bring helpful programs directly to local affiliates with limited resources to provide direct services to members.

TYLA’s Roadshow will include programming designed specifically to meet the needs of young lawyers in the area, and may include a CLE luncheon, leadership training, interactive guidance on projects designed to serve the profession and community, and discussion of topics important to local young lawyers.

TYLA will select Roadshow locations and design programming based upon requests from TYLA affiliates and their members. For more information, or to request a TYLA Roadshow in your area, contact TYLA Local Affiliates Committee Co-Chair, Robert J. Witte.



    Bar Leaders Conference
    April Marburger - GCYLA
    And Justice for All License Plate
    Statements You Provide a Hyperlink to
    Court Solicits Comments on Referral Fees



    Sept. 6 - Monday
    Holiday -- SBOT Closed

    Sept. 10-11 - Fri. & Sat.
    TYLA Board Meeting (Dallas)

    Sept. 30 - Thursday
    HYLA Membership Party (6:00 pm - Spencer's)

    Oct. 7-9 - Thurs. - Sat.
    ABA-YLD Fall Conference (Austin)

    Oct. 27 - Wednesday
    AWA Judicial Reception (Four Seasons - Houston)

    Oct. 29 - Friday
    Deadline: Minority Scholarship Applications

    Oct. 30 - Saturday
    Beyond Briefs: Other Forms of Fiction Writing for Lawyers (1-day workshop focusing on novels and screenplays, co-sponsored by HYLA and Farris Literary Agency)

    Nov. 11 - Thursday
    Holiday -- SBOT Closed

    Nov. 15 - Monday
    New Lawyers Induction Ceremony (Austin)

    Nov. 19-20 - Fri. & Sat.
    TYLA Board Meeting (Corpus Christi)