TYLA Geared Up for New Bar Year

You may not have attended a State Bar or TYLA annual meeting. Convening a general assembly of young lawyers in order to consider bylaws amendments may not interest you. But if you attended the TYLA annual meeting and awards banquet held June 25th at the Plaza Club in San Antonio, Texas, you would have not only enjoyed a great meal in the company of other high-minded young lawyers ... you would have been energized by the accomplishments of YOUR bar association over the past year.

Additionally TYLA recognized the service and professional commitment of its committee members, local affiliates, and other individuals who have worked hard to support the ideals of
the rule of law in their own communities. And, of course, the annual meeting marked TYLA's official changing of the guard. (continued)

Pictured: Incoming Chair of the Board, Greg Jackson (Fort Worth) presents crystal gavel to Outgoing Chair of the Board, Laura Beckman (Houston),

Featured Local Affiliate Leader
Kelly-Ann F. Clarke: The New ABA-YLD Dist. 25 Representative
By Tal Hammock -

I have the pleasure of introducing to you Kelly-Ann Clarke, the new ABA/YLD District 25 representative. I have known Kelly-Ann for the past few years and ABA/YLD is lucky to have such an addition to their team.

Clarke was born in Jamaica but later moved to Houston where she attended high school. Afterward, she continued her education at Duke University where she was a triple major in Spanish, Russian and Comparative Areas Studies, graduating in 1996. (She is quite proud of her Alma Mater, which is most evident during March Madness when she reminds me of the success of her school.) (continued)

Feature TYLA Project
TYLA Membership Services Outreach Committee
Is Reaching Out to Our Members

The Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) is dedicated to serving and assisting the young lawyers within the State of Texas. This year, as part of its effort to let YOU--the TYLA member--know more about what TYLA can do for you, the Member Services Committee created and distributed the first ever TYLA membership cards! The front of the cards include your name and bar card number, and the back of the card alerts you to benefits of being a member. (more info)

Another Signature Year for TYLA
By Laura Beckman

We’ve done it again! Thanks to the dedication and hard work of TYLA’s committee members, board members, officers and staff, a tremendous amount of public service and member service projects were completed in the 2003-2004 fiscal year.

New programs geared specifically for young lawyers included the creation of a “Survival Guide,” New Lawyer CLE course and membership cards designed to provide benefits to TYLA members. Our website featured “Words from the Bench,” a new addition to our on-line Judicial Directory. We reached out to our members, but we also reached out to our communities. (continued)

New Overtime Rules Take Effect in August

New rules impacting overtime pay standards will take effect August 23, 2004. Be sure your firm is prepared for any changes required under the new standards.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime pay is required under either a minimum pay test or a job duty test. The new rules increase the minimum annual salary by which a person is automatically deemed eligible for overtime from $8,060 to $23,660. Thus anyone who is paid hourly or who has a guaranteed salary below the minimum annual salary (or $425 weekly) should automatically receive overtime pay. (continued)


TYLA Annual Report 2004
Prepared to provide information and accountability to our members concerning the activities of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, and hopefully, to generate interrest in what TYLA is doing on behalf of our members and the profession.

Sign Up for TYLA Committees Now!
If you want to be involved as an active volunteer in TYLA, this is the best time to get involved. Since the new Bar year is just getting underway, you can get in on the ground floor and really help shape the work of our committees in the areas of member and public services. Visit our home page to find out more about TYLA committees and their focus .. then sign up online!

Please note: if you signed up prior to June 2004, you will need to reactivate your membership status on the appropriate commitees.

2004 Employment Law “Lunch and Learn" Series
Co-sponsored by Disability Law Resource Project and Sufian & Passamano, LLP

The Disability Law Resource Project (DLRP) is a nonprofit organization funded by the Department of Education to provide training, technical assistance and materials on the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability-related laws. DLRP is a great resource for attorneys, human resource professionals, businesses and persons with disabilities who want to understand their rights and responsibilities under these laws. They are currently accepting registrations for a luncheon series in Houston:

Where: Houston Club Downtown - 811 Rusk, 9th Floor
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Dates: July 20, Aug. 17, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 14
Cost: $25/session ($20 if you register for 3 or more sessions)
Advance registration required. Call 800-949-4232 ext. 118 or email: dlrp@ilru.org.



    TYLA Geared Up for New Bar Year
    Kelly-Ann Clarke - New ABA-YLD Rep.
    Member Services Outreach
    Another Signature Year for TYLA
    New Overtime Pay Rules
    TYLA Annual Report 2004
    Sign Up for TYLA Committees Now!



    July 30-31 - Friday-Saturday

    Bar Leaders Conference (Las Colinas)

    Aug. 5-7 - Thursday-Saturday

    ABA-YLD Annual Meeting (Atlanta, GA)

    Aug. 20 - Friday
    Deadline: Local Affiliate Grant Applications

    Sept. 6 - Monday
    Holiday - SBOT Closed

    Sept. 10-11 - Friday-Saturday
    TYLA Board Meeting (Dallas)